Simply Smartgirl:   A brand dedicated to inspiring and supporting all girls and all women to live their truest, most authentic life. 
Their tagline:  Choose to be you!  No one can do it better.

morgan & milo :  A brand that grew out of a desire to create a fresh, dynamic children’s line that would offer parents an approachable, fun alternative to some of the more familiar brands. Their designs are simple, clean and traditional with a nod modern sensibilities and design.

Cheeni :   Cheeni is a Hindi word translating to Sweet.  With a nod to fair trade and sustainability they are committed to using organic and natural fibers, non-toxic dyes and beautiful vintage fabrics. Their collections encourage playfulness, inspire to discover the wonders of nature and celebrate the cultural medley of people.

stella cove :  A high quality swimwear collection that includes bathing suits, cover ups, board shorts and beyond.  All made in exclusive, bright prints and happy colors.  A beautiful collection that makes the sun shine a little brighter and helps our kids stand a little taller.

Ki ET LA : Founded in 2010.

elephants & ampersands

Our Short Story

elephants & ampersands is a showroom for childrens' shoes, apparel and accessories.

ELEPHANTSbecause we simply LOVE elephants.

AMPERSANDSbecause we think they are pretty cool graphically.  Not only is an ampersand visually appealing and versatile enough to be used as a point of display, it is one simple character that unites things together.